Work History

IBM, U.S. &China
Media Developer/Graphic Designer
Contractor for IBM. Responsibilities include design and development of applications and presentations for management training for IBM’s managers globally.

  • Work with content managers to plan and develop new instructional aids and applications for use in all phases of management training.
  • Design of the look and feel as well as the development of the training aids and tools using Flash.
  • Create project plans and set target dates for development and testing by meeting with the content managers.
  • Some of the tools include:  an updatable quiz game, a simulation creation tool, a weekly planner tool, a survey creator and tracker.

Azureus/Vuze, Inc, Palo Alto/Redwood City, CA
Designer, Flash Developer, Media Encoder
Contractor for Azureus, Inc. creators of the bittorrent application Vuze which allows for download of high quality and HD video downloads (as well as music and games). Responsibilities include design of support material for the Vuze platform and website as well as for special marketing projects. Also, design and development of the Flash elements of both the web and client applications.

  • Design for marketing promotions including festivals and special events.
  • Design for Azureus’ bittorrent application Vuze. Including layout, banner design and Flash modules.
  • Work with project managers to develop and create designs used for marketing.
  • Develop and add more functionality to the Flash embedded modules used in both the Vuze client and web applications.
  • Encode and QA video content when needed.

AT&T, Tampa, FL
Sparrow Interactive, Tampa, Florida
Senior Media Developer/Project Lead
Contractor with Sparrow Interactive for AT&T, then employee of AT&T. Responsibilities include design and development of AT&T’s templates for e-learning courseware, e-newsletters (electronic multimedia newsletter), and videocasts (embedded and streaming video).

  • Senior developer and project lead on high priority initiatives. Instrumental in AT&T’s being recognized as one of the top 10 training organizations by Brandon Hall.
  • Responsible for suggesting new media and innovative ways to make Flash work in and with various environments.
  • Worked with content managers to develop course themes, which often would include an animated host who would carry through the entire course to aid in making learning not only educational but fun as well.
  • Assist other media developers in Actionscript, including how-to, best practices and debugging of code.
  • Responsible for video production including setup, shooting, editing and compression for distribution, which included travel to onsite locations.
  • Excellent communication skills in meeting with content managers, listening and assessing requested desires, and assisting to develop interactions and create courseware.

Stampede Incorporated, Tampa, Florida
Graphics Lead, Multimedia Designer and Instructor
Responsibilities included managing team of specialists and utilizing strengths to incorporate the graphic design and multimedia attributes for web-based projects.

  • Worked with Project Managers and CEO to drill-down and task out projects.
  • Responsibilities included design and layout of web pages and Flash movies.
  • Oversaw team of designers in completion of projects.
  • Developed and instructed courses in html, computer graphics and Flash.

Edit Suites, Inc, Tampa, Florida
Video producer, graphic artist
Designed videos from concept to completion for a wide variety of clients.

  • Responsibilities included scripting, storyboarding, production, and graphic design.
  • Designed custom graphics and animated characters using Amiga, Mac and PC computers.
  • Met with clients to identify needs and produce multimedia productions.
  • Edited projects on both linear and non-linear formats.
  • Performed various rolls on video shoots including camera person and lighting.
  • Recorded and performed voice-over work for various projects.

Teaching Experience

Instructor, Introduction to Computer Graphics
Taught one semester of introductory course on computer graphics and animation.

Instructor, Introduction to Multimedia Development
Taught a summer course on beginning multimedia development.

UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA, Tampa, Florida, 1993-1994
Instructor, Animation I
Taught two semesters of animation course covering everything from stop-motion to computer animation.

UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA, Tampa, Florida, 1991-1992
Instructor, Cinematography I
Taught two semesters of introduction to cinematography as well as assisted in art history course and intro to computer graphics.